JeepLast night, I went out to dinner with my wife and sister and brother-in-law. Traffic was absolutely horrible on the way in and way out. I am not sure if it had to do with the yesterday’s blackout in the upper east side, but it was bad.

In any event, after reaching the restaurant 30 minutes late, we ate and left. The drive home was worse. Driving up 1st avenue to get to the FDR north was a pain. About three blocks before the entrance with the FDR, I felt a largish knock on the back of the car. The whole car rocked forward and I just sighed.

I get out of the car, with my brother-in-law and we go look at the situation. I took my wife’s Jeep, because I can’t fit more than two people and a RustyBrick bag in my car, so at least my wheels were damaged. In any event, the guy who hit me, had a small Honda Civic. His right headlight went under my Jeep’s left bumper. His headlight was smashed in and the left bumper was scratched and a ripped under the bumper.

I am waiting on a quote from a body shop guy now…

But get this, the guy who hit me was an office duty police officer. He was very nice and apologetic. So we exchange information and go on our way. Today I call him to give him the cost estimate…

It gets worse. I finally get onto the FDR north. Of course, more traffic… I merge onto the ramp to get onto the George Washington Bridge and the car in front of me, in the right lane hits a large divider cone. It rolls right in front of my car – something I can’t run over. So I had to stop, put hazards on and have my brother-in-law run out and move the cone.

We are back on our way.

I merge off the GW Bridge onto the Palisades parkway and buckets of rain start coming down. I can barely see, but I keep going. The rain stops and we see accidents all over the place. The other side of the Palisades is closed down due to a huge accident, huge.

That was my fun adventure last night. No car fires but still fun.

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  1. CAR

    why did u go out last night it was like the worst night to go out.

    How much was the damage?
    I SO See the WIFE screaming and YElling and Freaking out


  2. A.J.

    Nice story.

    You might want to perform a better spell check on your posts. There were a couple of errors, but my favorite was something pertaining to you, your brother-in-law and “asses”.


  3. Leon Schwartz

    Don’t you just love it!
    Yesterday I was also in NYC.
    I experienced my second worst ever subway adventure, getting from columbus circle/59th st to washington heights/181st st.

    My worst subway experience was in 1966, when the electricity went out in the entire Northeast region. I was on the same subway line going from midtown to City College in Harlem when the trained stopped on the elevatored track between 116th and 125st (home to the Black Panthers at the time). But you heard the rest of that story already.

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