Phew, I am back. Seems like just a few hours ago I was in SEA airport. Anyway, the red eye went well. Only about 10 minutes late at the end.

Did not sleep, I seriously need to learn how to sleep on planes.

We landed 15 after 6, had to wait to pull to the gate, had to wait for the doors to be opened (something was wrong).

I picked up my car on the 3rd floor and row 9 and then had to wait at the parking toll booths.

Finally got onto the highway and ended up at the office at about 7:30am.

Catching up on a few things. I scheduled several posts to go live on the various blogs today but I need to do some more.

Oh, check out the DDay theme for the Search Engine Roundtable, here is a preview.

Dday Theme for Search Engine Roundtable

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  1. good to be back


    U are os good that u went right back to work
    DId tamar also or where u nice and give her the day off

    Hope to see more blog entries

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