Monsey Condo for SaleWho knew that when I bought my condo in Monsey that I would be looking to sell a year and a half later?

Well I am potentially looking to sell my condo now. It was a scary decision but I think the right one.

Why is it scary? Well, I simply bought at the peak, so I will have to take a loss on the condo. But at the same time, I don’t think the loss will be more than what it would have cost to rent for the past two years or so.

We are just ready to buy a real home and it is exciting but at the same time – a bit scary, as I said.

The good thing is that our condo is in great condition to sell. It was completely renovated two years ago before we moved. I mean completely! The condo management did all the work themselves, so it was done right. They knocked down the walls, gutted all the piping, redid the whole kitchen and wood floors. I had them add a small room for a washer and dryer, which required them to install a new circuit breaker and water lines into that area of the condo. I also added two new air conditioners that are both energy efficient and powerful. In addition, the condo has one of the largest, if not the largest, patio of all condos. The neighbors are nice and friendly also.

I put a lot into the condo and I expect to make less of the purchase price of the condominium. Yes, this is sad. But it is currently a buyers market, so I am on both ends. I am selling and buying. The location is where most people in Monsey want to be. I live in a very orthodox Jewish area – in the heart of Monsey. I would be moving far out to a less Jewish dense area, but into a full home (hopefully about an acre). No, I did not find a home yet, I won’t until I know I can sell the condo.

Here is a picture of the condo I took at about 6am this morning from the outside (a bit dark outside then):

My Home For Sale in Monsey

Any tips for a first time home seller?

OH: If you are interested in buying this condominium or know someone who is interested, let me know. How? I guess use the RustyBrick contact form and I will get it.

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  1. Todd Mintz

    Are there any other condos in your complex on the market? If yes and you feel you need to move quickly, make sure you undercut the competition on price and (perhaps) other considerations.

    Are you using a realtor? Unless you are in a hot market, it’s hard to beat a MLS listing for visibility. If yes, be wary of realtors who will say anything to get the listing, list it way above market, and then come back to you months later saying you need to reduce the price. Make sure you go with someone who prices to market.

  2. Bill Hartzer

    Well, I would first say that I’m addicted to watching a lot of those “real estate” type of shows on HGTV and a few other networks…especially love the ones that they take a house and show people’s opinions before and then they come in and make changes to it and then make it more saleable. If you haven’t seen any of those shows, you might take a look…

    I would probably use the web to advertise…perhaps actually use a domain name, take pics of the place and a video as well and then use Google AdWords to advertise it. If you can get a cool domain name like monseyhomeforsale or something like that you could actually have a chance of selling the domain after you’ve sold the place.

    Some realtors have terms that you cannot do your own advertising (especially like listing it on the web and stuff), so if that’s the case then you might want to use AdWords anyway and send the traffic to your online listing on the real estate site.

  3. Barry Schwartz


    Although I hate watching those shows, my wife knows them like the back of her hand. She has studied them intently – not because she wanted to sell – but because she loves looking at styles and things. I guess it will now come in handy.

    Regarding the advertise, watch this blog post rank in the top results for “condo for sale in monsey” by next week. So I think I got that covered, maybe ill do some PPC next week.

    But thanks for the tip about realtors terms, Ill find out. We meet this Sunday…

  4. Ora

    I’ve seen the inside of your apartment and am wondering why you haven’t post pictures? The inside is simply beautiful and very tastefully decorated…. you should show that off!!!

  5. dorothy isenberg

    I have a 2 bedroom/2 bath condo for sale in Panama, RP, Central America. If interested contact me, price #188,000 negotiable.

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