New Passport PicsIt is that time, I need to renew my U.S. (well, I only have a U.S.) passport.

Step 1: Locate Your Most Recent Passport
Step 2: Go get passport pictures. I went to a local photo place that charged me $10, the post office also does it, but they charger $15 and are mostly only open Monday through Saturday.
Step 3: Go to renewal form.
Step 4: Fill out Form DS-82 Online.

If you need to change your name because you recently got married you will need to supply a marriage certificate.

Step 5: Print form
Step 6: Sign Form
Step 7: Address large padded envelope to National Passport Processing, P.O. Box 13349, Philadelphia, PA 19101-3349.
Step 8: Place form, two new photos, old passport and a $67 check made out to the U.S. Department of State.
Step 9: Place in mailbox.

My new photos, as you can see above, kind of make me look scary – not being shaved and all. Typically, you want to take these photos when you are looking as normal as possible.

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  1. Passport

    Then u wonder why when u go to a airport they stop u

    U look like a Terrorist
    what were u thinking when u took the pic

    SHAVE and get a HAIRCUT

  2. Tamar Weinberg

    Another applicable blog post from my other blog.


    You’re lucky your last name doesn’t change when you get married, Barry. I was able to renew my passport by mail, but the passport agency and I bounced back several letters (snail mail) until I got it right. I signed the form with my maiden name (because my new surname wasn’t official yet) and they actually gave me a hard time for it!

  3. Bill Hartzer

    You just gotta love that mug shot (er. passport photo). 😉

    Tamar, maybe you should have hyphenated your last name…I’ve heard that makes it easier when it comes to things like this?

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