Typically, at SEO/SEM conference, Matt Cutts of Google is swarmed with SEOs and SEMs. They have been named Cuttletts, for Matt’s groupies.

Here is a picture from Danny’s personal blog showing a typical swarm of the Cuttletts.

But at today’s SMX Conference I spotted Matt with only two Cuttletts around him before lunch.

Matt Cutts of Google at Search Marketing Expo Advanced Seattle 2007

Now, where did all the Cuttletts go? Well, Vanessa Fox of Google just got off a panel and she was swarmed with her own form of Cuttletts. Hmmm.. should we propose a name for her groupies? I won’t dare, but you can.

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  1. JLH

    What is Matt wagging his finger at?

    As far as Vanessa goes, how about puppies? Following the Fox around.

  2. Lisa Barone

    Harsh, Barry!

    The Cuttlets are still around and Matt will always be a rock star. He’s not as swarmed because it’s a smaller, more advanced crowd and most of us are lucky enough to have already met Matt.

  3. dlperry

    well, a group of foxes is called a Skulk, and
    a foxes tail is called a Brush.

    Vanessa Fox and the Skulk
    maybe not…

    Vanessa Fox and the Brush
    doesn’t quite work does it..

    Vanessa Fox and the Kits
    Vanessa Fox and the Pups
    only if Vanessa is feeling Maternal…

    Vanessa Fox and the Den
    nice and generic..

    If the group is all female they could be
    Vanessa Fox and the Vixens

    all male =
    Vanessa Fox and the Dogs (sounds like a rock band)

    or in a totally different direction…

    Vanessa Fox and the Foxtrotters

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