iPhone StaticI use to have this problem with my original Treo 650. When I got my Treo 700, the problem went away.

For some reason, the iPhone causes interference with my external speakers. Now, I am not even connecting the iPhone to the speakers. The interference is random sometimes and is also triggered by when I get a phone call or text message or when I sync with my Mac.

I am far from the only one who is experiencing this interference. There is a large thread at Mac Rumors on this topic. Also, MacWorld covered the issue.

The image at the top right is an setting you can configure when you hook up your iPhone to speakers. Note, I do not get this option, because I am not hooking up my speakers to the iPhone. It just causes crackling and popping noises that come out of my speakers. Turning off the speakers don’t help. I can turn on the airplane mode feature, but then I won’t get calls, text messages, emails and web.

One person said, you will just get used to it…

blackberries do this all the time. After a while you just get used to the sound

I try to put my phone a good distance from my speakers, which helps a lot.

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  1. Rivkah T

    That used to happen a lot with my old Nextel. It would do it near my car or home stereo as well. My new and old Blackberry don’t do it, though. Like you say, the solution is to just increase the distance between the two objects.

  2. Joe Blow

    Like you said, interference. It’s interference coming from your cellphone. ANY cellphone will cause interference if you put it close enough to your speakers. It’s not just your iPhone. That’s why it gets really noticeable when you get a phone call or text message. Come on!

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