speedtest_graphic.pngThe other day, I wrote The Fastest Fiber is Comparable with the Fastest Cable & DSL where I showed tests that showed Optimum Online’s internet to be almost as fast as Verizon’s FiOS. I wanted to put that to the test.

First, I did a speed test using my Treo over the Verizon Wireless broadband network. Here are the results:


Not bad.

Then I did a test of the Optimum Online cable network from my home. Here are the results:


That is pretty quick.

Here is a test from the same provider, Optimum Online, in the morning, in my office. Here are the results:


Now, let’s try the Verizon FiOS connection from a location in New Jersey.


That is blazing quick! Blazing!

My father’s area just qualified for FiOS, he should jump at it. I am just waiting for my home and office area to qualify.

Update: Just after posting this, ARS Technica posted a review of Verizon’s EVDO network.

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  1. A.J. Schreiber

    That “location” in New Jersey get even faster speeds when directly connected on not on wireless. Were I at that particualar location right now, I would take a screen shot of the speed test which usually shows approximately 21000 kbps down and 8000-9000 kbps up!

  2. Snake Plissken

    This is Optimum on line, run from the NYC server.

    Download Speed: 28427 kbps
    Upload Speed: 4478 kbps

  3. VZ is Garbage

    Firstly Verizon is the most evil teleco i have ever encountered that only spews BS lies and thrives on ppl being ignorant/uninformed. They make ppl think that just because fiber is in the house that means its better == BS. Modern cable infrastructure is mostly fiber, they only use coax from the pole/switchbox to ur house, that saves them and u money on running fiber into the premises which wouldnt add any benefits to the enduser or the cable company. Modern embedded signal processors are now fast enough to transmit data over copper as fast as most fiber implementations. The only advantage fiber has in this situation is that the cable can be longer without needing a repeater to boost the signal(less attenuation). which in the case of cable infrastructure is usually meaningless. So wats left, speed, price, and stability of the service. Since both infrastructures are mostly fiber, the stability is the same, and the speed/price are much much better from optimum. Verizon loves raping their customers. Both TV services offer the same quality HD service so that claim vz makes thats its the best quality, is yet again another lie. So in comparison of FIOS and OOL, only a retard picks FIOS if OOL is an available option.
    I also wanna mention how badely their wireless services are. They use oldschool cdma2000 technology, that in no way is able compete with the speed, quality, and availablity of gsm/umts/hsdpa. For some reason ppl think verizon has the best service, and I think that is due to BS advertisements, and retards trying to justify their expensive crappy phones/service. Also the phones they use are exclusive to them(totalcrap) or are manufacturer modified gsm phones made to work with cdma which are released months after the gsm versions hit the market. The latter are made poorly made cuz they use crappy cdma chips that are bigger and use more power which stresses the original(gsm) design of those phones resulting in inferior overall quality compared to their gsm counterparts.
    P.S. the security on the VZWireless network is a joke, a 10yr old with some skills can evesdrop on and/or hijack any phonecalls u make.
    P.P.S evesdropping/hijacking is also possible on gsm but is harder to achieve. Shh 😉

    F U VZ, You Dirty SCUMBAGS

  4. Droptimum Online

    FIOS blows away Optonline down and up.

    I have gotten as high as 2 to 3 mpbs on FIOS when connecting to servers capable of those up speeds.

    Optonline never cam anywhere even close to those speeds unless you upped the connection speed for a 20 dollar per month exra fee.

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