Dunkin Donuts KosherThe other day, I went to the new Kosher Dunkin Donuts by my office.

This woman comes in and orders a muffin. She then immediately asks for a manager. The person behind the counter got nervous. He asked, “was there something I did?” She said no, not you.

The manager comes out and she explains in very angry tone that there are other people who come to Dunkin and like non-kosher items. She explained she was very upset that she can no longer order a sausage sandwich from this specific Dunkin. She goes off complaining that it isn’t right that they changed it to kosher.

Meanwhile, I am standing there with my Kippa (thing on my head that shows I am Jewish). The manager explains that it wasn’t necessarily a kosher thing. They made a management decision based on profits to stop selling all meats. They said, on average, they sold ten to fifteen meat sandwiches per day. It was not enough volume to cover the costs involved in buying the meats. So they stopped selling meat items, which then made it possible for them to easily make the place kosher.

She then paid for her muffin and stormed out yelling. She was yelling that there are other people in this world besides “for them.”

Now, I don’t think she is anti-semtic or anything. At least I hope not. I think she is just upset she can’t get her sausage sandwich at Dunkin anymore. Honestly, I felt bad and upset overall the whole episode.

As soon as she left, everyone behind the counter began laughing.

Just a shame.

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    she is SOOO anti semetic
    and she is nuts

    SHE NEEDS HELP and it is so worth it for them to make it kosher and all

  2. Rivkah T

    You know, the DD on Ave J used to have the same sandwiches with veggie sausage. They were really good. I wonder if they even considered that.

  3. Nancy Food

    Well, I have no idea why anyone would be so ridiculous. I go to the Kosher Dunkin’ Donuts on 93rd and Amsterdam on the UWS all the time, and they are so nice and friendly!
    Also, they gave me this code : MKTG101 that they told me would get any order of $50 or more 10% off, to be used as many times as you like! I’m happy.

  4. Dani

    I think she was anti-Semitic, maybe not in the forefront of her mind, but latently, for sure.

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