Comprehending The ImcomprehensibleYou know I was scheduled to have a meeting with Hanoch Teller about his web site.

First of all, Rabbi Hanoch Teller is a very nice man. So I just wanted to help him as best as I could.

I showed him all the problems with his site and explained to him what I would do if I was him. I spent a good hour plus with Rabbi Teller. We decided not to call Bryan Eisenberg even though he offered because at this stage, there is just so many basics that need to be cleaned up with the technology that I didn’t feel it was necessary at this stage yet. But the offer was awesome and we hope to take advantage of it in the future.

Anyway… Rabbi Teller wanted to pay me for the time he was here. Of course, I would not accept money. So he decided to give me a free copy of his 11 CD set named Comprehending The Incomprehensible, which is the “history, heroism and lessons of the holocaust.” Looking forward to listening to it, after I convert it into an MP3 file. 🙂

I have no time left, and I got to jet.

Just a nice experience meeting with Rabbi Teller. But it was even nicer being able to offer advice and help him.

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  1. Btzalel Hirschhorn

    I am looking to get in touch with Rabbi Teller,do you perhaps have any contact information for him please email and let me know either way

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