Just Interesting

I See a Floater!

Starting a few weeks ago, I started noticing a floater in my right eye. It was extremely annoying. It is tiny and most of the time I don’t notice it. But as I type, I am noticing it, because it is against a white background. It looks like a transparent grayish tiny dot on the


My Phone / Internet / TV Decision

A few weeks ago I wrote about my dilemma in picking a Internet, TV and Phone provider. This week I finally made a decision, thanks to the helpful comments and advice. So what did I choose. I picked three different providers. (1) Internet: How can I not go with Verizon FiOS. It is super speeds

Just Weird

Feeling Sick – Sniffles & Red Eyes

I am not feeling to well. Starting last night, couldn’t stop sneezing and had a runny nose. This morning and now I feel pretty bad, I may have fever, I dunno. Here is a picture of my eyes, via my iPhone. It is never a good time to get sick, is it? Well, maybe the


Steve at Farlex – Great Guy & Smart Home Buyer

There is this guy named Steve that I see at almost every search conference I go to. He typically is on the same flights from New York to the conference city that I am on. I think, more times than not, he is on my flight, which is a bit creepy – if you think