Last night was the Google Dance. Here is a quick video of what went on, after dark.

While upstairs, Matt and the Google engineers were answering questions:
Matt Cutts :: Google Dance :: SES San Jose

How did we get to the Google Dance? Chris Boggs and Frank Watson organized a limo service.

Chris Boggs & CSHEL in Limo :: Google Dance :: SES San Jose

Chris is the one who seems very happy in that picture.

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  1. dancer

    so how long did u stay for??

    what time u go to bed??

    u dance?? can we get a video of that up here for all of us to see

    but i am impressed at least u went to the dance thats a big step for u

  2. David

    You guys got a limo? Ha! I topped that at zero cost!

    I was personally escorted by a Google employee to an underground lot in building 40 – I arrived to the dance 30 minutes early when there was hardly a soul – except for thousands of Googlers in those green shirts!

  3. Judah

    Hey Israel Bro,

    Get off your high horse there..why don’t you!

    Barry has got a missus remember…

    If she is o.k. with him cavorting around with search engine gals at the Google dance miles away..that’s all that matters..;-) 😉

    BTW, does your Rosh.. know about your computer?
    Spend more time hitting the books and stop busting your Bro’s chops!

  4. Meg

    as my first google dance, i was searching for video of the good times to send to fam, knowing someone at this conference had to be on their game. thanks!

  5. Leona Friesen

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