Energizer Barry: 1,000th Post at Cre8asite Forums

I just found out today that I posted my 1,000th post at Cre8asite Forums, my most favorite forum… So they created a members only thread to note the 1,000th post, which one reason why the forum rocks (so personable). Bill called me a vortex, but Rand called me the “Energizer Bunny of search industry news.”

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 26, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Learn some quick ways to get approved for AdSense. Danny Sullivan turned 42 today, old man. Google blocks their AdWords qualified professionals pages from being indexed. Google is sometimes slow to update their cache. Google Analytics may limit you to 50 accounts. A man sued Google for $5 billion. The Open Directory


Sukkot סוכות Tonight: Thursday & Friday

Tonight is the beginning of Sukkot סוכות, a holiday where we live in a temporary dwelling. If you live in a Jewish area, you may see people putting up these small weird looking rooms. They may look something like this: Technically, we are suppose to eat, sleep, learn, blog, etc. in the Sukka. I personally

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Search Engine Land is One of Jakob Nielsen Favorite Blogs

Wow, this is awesome news. Practical ECommerce interviewed Jakob Nielsen, one of the most cited people on web topics. They asked Mr. Nielsen to identify his favorite blogs. Of the four blogs he identified, one was Search Engine Land. The blog Danny, Greg, Chris and I manage on a day to day basis. He said:

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 25, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Google updated the PageRank scores on their directory. Is Google Referrals actually earning you money? There are more spottings of Live Search 2.0. The Google AdSense PIN verification is offline. Microsoft is seeking a stake in Facebook. Tell AdWords advisor why you hate broad match. Google released conversion optimizer. Google Trends now


What Type of Technology Professional Liability Do You Have?

I am now in the process of shopping around for new insurance for my business. I need to renew a Technology Professional Liability (E&O) plan. I was hoping to get some advice from other web development/design and SEO companies out there. Here are some question: (1) So which policy do you have? (2) Why did


New Construction Cleaning Service Needed

I am so into search, so into search, but when it comes to local things, I am trying to avoid search for answer. Here are some examples. When choosing a company to cut down a tree in my new backyard, I didn’t want to search for “tree services” or something like that. I wanted to


Is RustyBrick a Great Company?

Rand asked me if I would answer some that should tell him and the world is RustyBrick is a great company or not. So why not… Does RustyBrick Have Level 5 Leadership? Level 5 leadership is a leader(s) that has “humility + will, ambition for the company (rather than themselves as individuals), compelling modesty, strong

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 24, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Are Google Book results taking over Google Web search? Advertise the Digital Point Coop network on AdWords. Google Suggests that Israel is a terrorist state, or not? Google stops paying commissions to UK agencies in 2008. Open Directory project’s home page disappears from Google. Google comes out way ahead on share of


QuickBooks Efficiency Review Tells Me to Buy Paper Check

I live and die by QuickBooks. So when I get a piece of mail from Intuit about a way to get a “complimentary efficiency review,” I take it seriously. I fill out the questions and then I am told my “efficiency results are below.” I scroll down the page and guess how I can be