If you were stuck in a hole yesterday and missed the news that Apple dropped the price of the iPhone by $200 bucks only after 60 days of it being released then stop reading. Ok, you can continue to read.

As you can see by my first two lines, I am a bit disturbed with Apple. But I guess I have myself to blame. I bought an Apple iPhone about 1.5 weeks after it was released. I paid about $600 for the 8GB iPhone. 55 days later, the iPhone’s price dropped by $200. The same exact phone. So I lost about $200.

Of course, owning the iPhone early, as an early adopter, gave been bragging rights. It also gave me a lot to write about at this blog. But I am out $200.

Tuaw offered possible ways to get your $200 back. I personally tried the AMEX price match reward, but AMEX wouldn’t let me use yet another rewards, because they discontinued that program. I feel used once again by AMEX.

Apple, well, it was expected but not so soon. This morning I wrote at Search Engine Land, Google Fight: Nokia & Apple Ads Trade Blows Over iPhone Price Cut. Yes, Apple and Nokia go at it using Google AdWords Search Ads:

Nokie & Apple on Google over iPhone

Very funny, oh make sure to check the comments on the SEL post. Some good ones. 😉

So I am an Apple sucker, so?

Update: See AMEX Comes Through: $200 Back for iPhone Purchase!

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  1. iphone sucker

    that is why u always wait for alittle before buying


    ASK UR wife she is a shopper she must know

    that sucks 200 bucks but i guess u would of spent the 200 on something else anyway so no big lose at all

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