I can’t believe it. AMEX, American Express, just gave me $200 back for my iPhone purchase.

Tuaw updated us saying that AMEX is now giving iPhone customers, who used their AMEX card, the $200 back.

I just got it back!

I called the American Express Return Protection line at 1-800-297-8019 and the nice customer rep said:

Do you want a credit or a check in the mail?

I said a credit is fine!

I should get the credit in about 14 days!

AMEX, you finally came through for me!

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  1. Rhea Drysdale

    That’s awesome! Congratulations though I don’t know why… you have an iPhone and I don’t AND you just got $200 back for it. Them dropping the price was the only retribution non-iPhone adopters had going for us. Dammit. =)

  2. Merrick

    Either you spend more than I do, or you got lucky because they filed a claim for me and did not give me the credit right away instead said an examiner will review it. I signed up for this particular card I put the phones on only two weeks before it was terminated.

  3. Max Shanly

    Now if you get your $100 back off Apple, you’ve got $300 back. You could buy an Apple TV.

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