Five Star ParkingTo continue my story of My Car Was Broken into at Newark Airport Short Term Parking and lexus wasting my time… I finally got in touch with the parking company today.

I explained the situation. The lady was very nice. As expected, she said, we cannot cover the damage to the car, since it is a “park and lock” garage. Funny, a park and lock garage that costs $150 for a few days of parking…

In any event, she promised me a refund for the $150 charged to me for parking. The least you can do is not charge me for parking my car there, when it wasn’t found in the same spot…

Anyway, I am giving Five Star Parking, a single star for customer service. Which is kind of convenient for me, since their logo only shows a single star in their name… I know, it is in the five…

Hope I get the check.

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    WOW first u get money back from iphone and now parking and then dont have to pay for the fix of the lexus

    WOW u are doing a good job these days with getting money back

    maybe u can get back the house money too and cost u nothing

    or return the wife for cash
    HEY if u do that u can make lots of money from alot of husbands

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