The other day, I noticed new icons and links across Flickr. They were these “Share These Photos” and “Share this photo” links. These are not the same as guest passes in Flickr, they do not give people access automatically to private photos (that is important).

Let me walk you through it.

Here are the various places you can find these new “share photos” links:

Your home page to share all your photos:

Share This Photo on Flickr

Your sets pages, to share just specific sets:

Share This Photo on Flickr

Individual photo page, to share just one photo:

Share This Photo on Flickr

Important: If you click a share link on a photo with limited viewing rights, you will be prompted with this message:

Share This Photo on Flickr

To share photos that your friends do not have access to (because they are just too lazy to sign up or remember their user/pass) you can use guest passes in Flickr.

This new feature is just to remind your other friends, who don’t use RSS to get notified of my new photos.

After you click on the share photos, you are taken to a page that looks like this:

Share This Photo on Flickr

You basically enter email addresses into the box. As you type, it may prefill the emails in. If not, just click add and it will dynamically place the emails below. Here is an example of that:

Share This Photo on Flickr

Click send and the emails go out to your friends. The emails also look pretty.

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  1. Rhea Drysdale

    Sweetness. I love the share this set feature and guest passes. This just made wedding planning and organization maintenance that much easier.

    ps – Nice pirate yah scurvy dog!

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