After landing from my my flight yesterday, and knowing that I have been fasting all day, plus had to go to work later.

My wife and I walked to where we parked the car, in short term parking at Newark Airport. We walked up and down the isles, and couldn’t find it. I found that weird, since I wrote down the exact location I parked the car.

I finally give up and call the parking security. They sent someone to pick us up and find the car. After driving around the parking lot for ten minutes, she said the car may have been moved. It was moved to the security side of the garage. Someone tried to break in.

When I got to the car, the windows were down and the locked was disabled from the driver’s side. It looks like this:

Lexus Door Lock Broken

I am now at the Lexus shop, waiting for them to fix it.

It appears to me that the only damage to the car was the lock being pushed in. I have no idea how much it will cost, but I do know my deductible is $500. 🙂

The car itself was in perfect condition. Nothing was taken, nothing was damaged, just the lock. In fact, the car still locked using the electronic key lock.

I filed a police report and signed a couple papers at the scene of the crime.

What irks me the most is that I was still charged $150 for parking. They take no responsibility for any damage or inconvenience. They just charge you $150 and send you off, on your way. I probably will complain to the parking company after I get my bill from Lexus.

It obviously could have been a lot worse. I could have not had a car to drive home in. Next time, I know not to park my car at the airport. It is just amazing. They move cars from one spot to the next, if they are broken into.

In any event, we drove home. I went to work, worked for about an hour. I then came home and broke my fast. The day didnt turn out too bad. And, like I said, it could have been worse. But I do feel I was violated or at least my car was violated. I was going to title this post, “My Lexus was Violated & Abused.”

Live and learn…

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  1. car thief

    i still wonder why they didnt do anything else
    thats very very weird

    that sucks that they charged u to park also and all

    what did u learn
    i know u siad not to park anymore at the airport
    onother thing to learn

    not to go to st louis anymore BAD LUCK
    to bad wife TO BAD i say

  2. Barry Schwartz

    Maybe the alarm went off, so they ran away…

    I learned not to park there anymore. But I have parked in the same airport location dozens of times and no problems.

    Wait till you hear the follow up with this

  3. Ronbo

    I have to park at Newark this weekend for 4 days.

    I am going to try the short term parking “C” garage for the first time, although your situation concerns me greatly.

    I have an Acura RL in mint condition. I not only fear break-in, but having someone park next to me and whack me with their open door.

    Any tips for parking in these short-term garages?

  4. Chris

    Same thing happened to my 2004 LS430 this morning. They broke into the car by engaging the mechanism which allows for all the windows to open if you insert and turn the key. They ran off with the spare tire.

    I was disappointed discover such vulnerability in a Lexus. The police told me that these “pro” criminals can get into the car using the above method in less than a minute. Just worried that this will keep happening, guess we’ll have to lock it up in the garage every night.

  5. Chris

    Also, I noticed that the thieves went through all the compartments of the car. I do not know why anyone would, but do not store your valet key in these compartments.

  6. P J Charlton

    I parked in the newark airport long term parking lot 6 last month and upon my return found my car with a busted tail light and a dented rear quarter with scratches on the bumper. Audi wants 4000 to fix it. I filed a notice of claim and took an hour to file the paperwork with the port authority pd and the parking lot security supervisor. After mailing everything in via registered and certified mail along with the estimate as per their instructions, they write back and tell me they are not liable!
    Any suggestions?

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