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Kid Nation is Very Interesting

Last night I saw the premier of Kid Nation, a new show on CBS. It is basically about 40 kids who are put in some old ghost town from the old western days and set off to fend for themselves. No adults, no real assistance, just 8 to 15 year olds making a go at


Flickr Adds Share Photo Links

The other day, I noticed new icons and links across Flickr. They were these “Share These Photos” and “Share this photo” links. These are not the same as guest passes in Flickr, they do not give people access automatically to private photos (that is important). Let me walk you through it. Here are the various

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 19, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Google broke something with their search engine. Yahoo Link Domain feature is skipping out. There are reporting issues at AdSense and AdWords. Googlebot’s DNS issues are resolved. Do you round your AdSense corners? Should you noarchive your pages? SEOmoz gets rich quick. Yahoo released widget badges. Google released ads for gadgets. Google


Did I Really Live Blog a Concert? Yes

People don’t believe that I would actually ‘live blog’ a concert. Why not? There is proof. I had to plugin my computer, so I turned it around and someone took a picture of me. I blogged it live. Is it that crazy? Don’t answer that. I enjoy documenting things. Heck, in 500 years, I can

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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Wanted to wish you all a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Say it with me! Arggghhh! I have more details about the day at Search Engine Roundtable! Here is the theme there:

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: September 18, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Google takes AdSense mobile. Google Webmaster Tools may have a PageRank statistics bug. Yahoo Mash was reviewed by Tamar. Microsoft launched Gatineau. Google is holding an AdSense seminar on Wednesday. BlogRush may or may not be acceptable for AdSense. Yahoo bought Zimbra. Google Documents went live with presentations software. I recapped day


Congrats to Rand (SEOmoz) & Lisa (Bruce Clay)

Wanted to reach out and say a special congrats to two special people and companies in the SEO space. (1) Big congrats for SEOmoz getting $1.25 million richer today. In Rand’s post, Big Changes Afoot at SEOmoz, Rand shared with us that he secured a VC, but a kind VC, for his company. Will it

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Warning: Internet Use Can Kill You

I am not kidding. If you use the Internet, you can die! So stop reading and shut off your internet now! Why are you still reading? Man in China dies after three-day Internet session from Reuters reports a Chinese man died after using the internet for three-days. A Chinese man dropped dead after playing Internet