Here is a simple SEO Tip for some of you paid search guys. Please make a clean title tag for your blog posts, please! I beg you.

Ok, I’ll call two paid search guys out and one person who travels so much that he needs to sit down and modify his blog software before he gets on his next boat.

Let’s start with someone I know can take it. Andrew Goodman, your Traffick site needs some nice titles. Let’s look at your latest post on My Lack of Privacy is Now Official. Forget about Andrew crying about people knowing who he is, since everyone knows how to track him down already… Look at this title tag:

<title>Traffick: My Lack of Privacy is Now Official: Search Engine Enlightenment | Grab the feed:</title>

Now, why can’t you just put your title of your post in your title? It can look something like this:

<title>My Lack of Privacy is Now Official</title>

Ok, so you may want your blog name in the title, so stick it at the end, like this:

<title>My Lack of Privacy is Now Official, Traffick</title>

This is what your title tag looks in the title of my browser:
Annoying Title Tags

If it was my decision, go with <title>My Lack of Privacy is Now Official</title> format please.

Ok, now that I am done with Andrew, let’s move on to my PPC Hero.

A recent post is named Why You May Not Be Able to Use Google Adwords Campaign Optimizer but hey, your title tag reads a hell of a lot more than that.

<title>The Adventures of PPC Hero – Heroic Feats of Pay Per Click Management : Why You May Not Be Able to Use Google Adwords Campaign Optimizer</title>

Cut it down, and make it look like this please:

<title>Why You May Not Be Able to Use Google Adwords Campaign Optimizer</title>

Why? Well not only does it look like this in my browser bar:

Annoying Title Tag

It looks like this in the search results listings:

Annoying Title Tag

Tisk, tisk, tisk – that should be a unique title tag. Otherwise, your site: command search looks extremely repetitive and your CTR from the search results will be lower than you may want.

Ok, next victim is an old time buddy, Mr. Mike Grehan. Yes, I know, you are never at your desk to modify your blog template. But please, please, sit down, get into the code and give yourself a title tag. We know it is your blog and you don’t need to tell us that “Mike Grehan says…” in every single title of your post.

I am not sure what the title of his most recent post is suppose to be.

Mike, favor, please give me some titles to link to, please.

My rant is now done.

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  1. Andrew Goodman

    Barry, can you prove the contention that this affects overall search referrals?

    Cory Kleinschmidt is the tech lead on I just create the posts, when I find time. Please contact him directly if you wish to debate this point further.

    Sometimes, I get too busy to question every little thing we do on our own sites. Clients come first.

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