Jakob NielsenWow, this is awesome news. Practical ECommerce interviewed Jakob Nielsen, one of the most cited people on web topics.

They asked Mr. Nielsen to identify his favorite blogs. Of the four blogs he identified, one was Search Engine Land. The blog Danny, Greg, Chris and I manage on a day to day basis. He said:

Extremely detailed coverage of search and search engines. In fact, it’s too detailed, because they obsess over the smallest detail, which can be too much. I wish this site would abandon the linear blog format and use a more prioritized layout and information architecture to make it easier to focus on important stories and those columnists that interest me the most. Still, this is the place to go for info on the most important channel for reaching new prospects on the web — the search engines.

OK, so it wasn’t all positive, but positive enough. We will take from that, maybe adapt the site a bit to make it easier to use and find content.

But it is really nice knowing that something you put so much into (over 40% of the posts on Search Engine Land are mine, but I know Danny’s articles make people read there), is appreciate not by just people in your direct industry, but people who are outside your industry. Especially people as well known, cited and respected as Jakob Nielsen.

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  1. Bruno Saric

    I have stop tracking 150 blogs trough RSS (it’s just to much) becose of SearchEngineLand, now i just follow 5 blogs and Sphinn which covers everything, including links to good blog posts from others.

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