Tonight is the beginning of Sukkot סוכות, a holiday where we live in a temporary dwelling. If you live in a Jewish area, you may see people putting up these small weird looking rooms. They may look something like this:


Technically, we are suppose to eat, sleep, learn, blog, etc. in the Sukka. I personally did not put up a Sukka this year because we won’t be home for most of those days.

Here is a picture of people putting up Sukka’s on their balconies in Brooklyn.


Sukkot is a fun holiday. There are many more customs and rituals, but this may be the most noticeable. For more pictures of people putting up Sukka’s check out Flickr.

You can read more about it at Wikipedia if you like.

I will be offline Thursday through Saturday, so please, keep the blogging slow… I won’t be blogging those days also…

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  1. Krista Kamunen

    Did you know, that the word “sukka” means in Finnish a sock? 😉 It´s so fun to see how some words mean something else in a different language.

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