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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 31, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: The Google update also impacted some site traffic. Yahoo also do a search update. Google Webmaster Central launched a geographic target tool. Should Google pay more attention to social media? Get AdSense on your Facebook ads. Did the wildfires cause a drop in AdSense earnings? Beta Microsoft Analytics! AOL will allow you

Daily Grind

I’m Not Nice: Cold Calls From India Programmers

Way too often, I get a phone call from someone who has an Indian accent. This person typically says, “May I please speak with your CIO?” I just got a call from someone who called with that accent and said: “Can I speak with your head of IT or your CIO?” I was short on


Flickr’s New Upload Form Doesn’t Work on Safari 3.0

I am a huge Flickr user and I have grown accustomed to the faster and smoother Flickr Upload Form. Ever since I installed Leopard, which upgraded me to Safari 3.0, the Flickr upload form no longer works! I have to resort to the old basic form which is slower… Flickr, can you make it work


Wow, Chris Anderson Blocks PR People: Guts

The Editor in Chief of Wired threatened to block PR pitches from PR people if they blindly email him press releases without tailoring them to him. Wow!!! Chris Anderson, got guts. Chris Anderson is widely respected, and has written some awesome books… So for him to say this, people watch, and they have been! Chris


Akismet Marking All Comments as Spam

Seems like Akismet, my comment spam filter, is marking all comments on all my blogs as spam. I installed back in May for all the blogs. It has been wonderful, but it is a pain when things like this happens. So if your comment is not published, I will try to manually publish it myself.


I Am One of Two-Million Leopard Owners

Apple PR team released a release that says Apple Sells Two Million Copies of Mac OS X Leopard in First Weekend. So that makes me one of two-million! This may make for the most successful new OS Apple has ever released. Time will tell if they break that record. Engadget has a nice compare and

SpamSieve Saves Barracuda Time & Time Again

Email spam stinks, really stinks. I personally have the Barracuda spam filter sitting on the server level, which is supposed to block email spam. It does block a lot of spam, but simply not enough. Sitting on my email client, Apple Mail is a desktop based spam filter named SpamSieve. It works absolute wonders and

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 29, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Yahoo is to fix Site Explorer issues. Google’s keyword suggestion tool has a small outage. Google updated their image index. What happens if an AdSense publisher dies? AdSense publishers, referred to by USA Today, as Gray Googlers. Are 404 errors bad for SEO? Google’s behavioral targeting have some kinks? Yahoo’s Vice President