Daily Search Coverage:

The 39th Pulse podcast is live. Are SEOs better at searching than normal people? Google updates PageRank and many blogs get downgraded. AdSense is to ad code free changes. Google News stops refreshing. AdSense reports are having issues again. Gmail supports IMAP now. Google’s directory of corporate development quits. Yahoo is to partner in Asia on mobile devices. Microsoft and Google both go after Facebook.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Search Pulse 39: Paid Links, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, PageRank, Duplicate Content & Search Ads
  2. Are Seach Engine Optimization Professionals Better Searchers?
  3. 2nd Google PageRank in October 2007
  4. Code Free Changes Coming To Google AdSense
  5. Google News Bug Stops Auto Refresh Feature
  6. Google AdSense Reporting Discrepancies

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. Gmail Now Supporting IMAP Protocol
  2. Ullah, Google’s Director Of Corporate Development Quits
  3. Yahoo To Partner With Mobile Operators In Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong & Malaysia
  4. Report: Microsoft & Google Compete To Own Stake In Facebook
  5. Google’s PageRank Update Goes After Paid Links?

Daily Link Finds:

Daily Link Finds GraphicThis is the October 24th issue of a daily post that will contain links to commentary of the posts over at the Search Engine Roundtable. All links I find throughout the day that ad some commentary to the posts written over at the Search Engine Roundtable, will be in the Daily Link Finds. The purpose is two fold: (1) To help people find discussion around our articles and (2) To thank people for linking to us. How do I find these links? Only one way, via a Google Blog Search link command, so make sure that (1) you are in Google Blog Search and (2) link to us.

Daily Link Finds for October 24th, 2007:

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