Apple LeopardI am like a child waiting for a present to come my way. Leopard is so close now, I pre-ordered Leopard a week ago today and today is the day it arrives.

Last night I received the tracking number, I plugged it into my Delivery Status Apple Dashboard widget. It shipped from Ontario, arrived in Newark this AM and is now at my local FedEx facility. It should be delivered within an hour or so of this post.

Last night, I made sure to do a full mirror backup of my computer. So that is ready.

When I get it, I think I may just install it right away. I can work off my iPhone for the 30 minute installation. If something goes wrong, then I might cry. But I will make sure to do a few things before installing.

(1) Repair disk permissions
(2) Shut down computer
(3) Disconnect computer from all peripherals
(4) Start up computer
(5) Quit all applications
(6) Then install

I once tried installing a new OS when I had all my peripherals connected to my laptop and it didn’t work too well. I was told to try again without peripherals attached and it worked.

Wish me luck!!!

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