IndiaWay too often, I get a phone call from someone who has an Indian accent. This person typically says, “May I please speak with your CIO?”

I just got a call from someone who called with that accent and said:

“Can I speak with your head of IT or your CIO?”

I was short on time and responded, “No.”

He then began explaining that he was from a programming company in India and they can do work cheaper for us. He asked, “Would you be interested?” I said, “No.”

VOIP is great but…

I am not nice, but…

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  1. david Wallace

    If you wanted to be really mean, you could start talking back to them in Hubba Bubba language… you know, that character from The Fat Albert Show?

    Something like this… “Weba, dobnt neebed anybe helbp fromb folbks libke youb.”

    Can’t speak Hubba Bubba? Then you could be like the low talker from Seinfeld.

  2. INDIA


    U should of been nicer and speak to them
    this is there job

    u wouldnt want someone to hang up on u now would u??

  3. Bill

    I get calls like this all of the time, but from the OTHER side. I’m a Software Engineer… and I get calls and emails that say… “We have a job for you with our DIRECT CLIENT…” and it’s always someplace I wouldn’t want to move to, and it’s always from an Indian placement agency. And usually its for a job I have no experience in…

    It’s so bad, I’ve taken to replying “NO” to them whenever I get an email… without even reading the job description. If I see an Indian name… I just say “NO”.


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