iPhone iTunes WiFi Store ButtonOver the holiday, Apple released the iPhone 1.1.1 update. So I was able to read a lot of the reviews telling me not to upgrade, if I hacked the phone.

I did not hack the phone, so I upgraded.

The upgrade failed and I had to restore my iPhone to its factory settings. I did not panic. I restored and then it automatically put back most of my settings. I then synced once more and all my data, music, etc were back on the iPhone. The one thing that was not back to the way it was, were my wireless pass-codes for my various locations. So that is annoying, but the backup and restore, worked well otherwise.

So what is new with this upgrade?

The big thing is I have a new icon on my iPhone for the iTunes WiFi store. Yippi, not! 🙂 I think the calendar icon is now a bit more colorful also, just compare it to an older picture and you can see that. Outside of that…

  • Louder speakerphone and receiver volume
  • Home Button double-click shortcut to phone favorites or music controls
  • Space bar double-tap shortcut to intelligently insert period and space (will use often)
  • Mail attachments are viewable in portrait and landscape
  • Stocks and cities in Stocks and Weather can be re-ordered
  • Apple Bluetooth Headset battery status in the Status Bar
  • Support for TV Out
  • Preference to turn off EDGE/GPRS when roaming internationally
  • New Passcode lock time intervals
  • Adjustable alert volume

That is about it. Fun.

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  1. Hawaii SEO

    My phone broke a few weeks ago. The hinge on one side busted so now I need to keep it together with a rubber band in the folded state and hold it carefully in both hands the unfolded state or the top will fall off.

    So why don’t I just break down and get a new phone? I’m too cheap. I’m holding out until after Christmas to see if they drop the price on the iPhome again.

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