Health Insurance Costs: Wow

I just got my new statement for how much my new rates will be for health insurance for our employees at RustyBrick. It just amazes me how much these prices go up so much every year. I do not mind paying more in quantities (i.e. add employees), but the rates have gone up tremendously in


What Temperature Do You Set Your Heat At?

So the winter has finally arrived, with it being 39 degrees here in Suffern, NY. I have been asking people in the community what they set their heat at. Most were proud to give answers such as, no higher than 68, 69, etc. But one person shocked me by saying a crisp 65 degrees. Why?


Leopard Running Well – Time To Play Later

After installing Leopard, I was upset to find that some things simply did not work. But after probing the forums and blogs, I was able to get everything that did not work, working again by this morning. Now that I am now up and running, like I was with Tiger (previous Apple OS), I can


Safari Now Working in Leopard

When I upgraded to Leopard on Friday, Safari would not open for me. It would not open at all. I tried calling Apple Support, but they were unable to help me. This weekend I found out how to reinstall Safari at an Apple Discussions thread: Open the Applications folder and drag Safari to the trash.


Leopard Installed: Screen By Screen Installation

I recently installed Apple’s new OS, Leopard. I decided to take screen caps of the whole installation process. Before I post them in a flash slide show below, I wanted to recap everything in text. 10:15 – Started Installation 10:30 – Said 5 hours and change remaining 10:35 – Dropped down to about 2 hours


Going to Install Leopard Today: I Hope

I am like a child waiting for a present to come my way. Leopard is so close now, I pre-ordered Leopard a week ago today and today is the day it arrives. Last night I received the tracking number, I plugged it into my Delivery Status Apple Dashboard widget. It shipped from Ontario, arrived in

Motor Vehicle

Slow Drivers: Pay Back

Don’t you just hate getting behind a slow driver? I personally cannot stand it, especially when you are in a rush. Whenever I get behind a slow driver, I typically think of this stupid little thing I used to do. To kill time when I first got my license, a couple friends of mine used


Mission Critical Items on Battery Backups

Last night I reorganized the devices I want to have on a battery backup, just in case the power goes out. I placed low cost battery backups in a couple strategic locations throughout the house. I then made sure the following items still have power, even if the power goes out. FiOs wireless router Vonage


Well, I Don’t Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

For the past week or so, my right wrist has been killing me. Certain movements result in sharp pain. It first started hurting after waking up one morning in a lot of pain. I figured I slept on my hand and bent it badly and that I would feel better the next day. I did