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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 25, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: PageRank, oh PageRank, what shall we do with you? Google fixed the link tool. Amanda goes cinema on us. Google’s crawl rate doesn’t work on folders. Gmail now works with IMAP. Microsoft invests in Facebook. AdWords gets detailed on quality. Google redesigns for China. Schmidt happy about DoubleClick deal progress. Semel trades

SEO Tips

Forbes Called, Interviewed, & Even Cited Me

Yesterday, if you missed it, Google (in my opinion) sent a message to publishers who sell text ads on their sites. There was a major shake up in the industry that impacted sites worldwide. In short, Google has a little thing they call PageRank. They show a PageRank score in their Toolbar and it represents

Just Interesting

Brett From GoodBarry Stops By

Remember my post on Is GoodBarry Trying to Steal my Brand? So this guy named Brett stopped by to comment: Hi Barry! It’s cool that you found us! Love the little cartoon guy you’ve got going up the top there. Hey don’t you think brown is just such a comfortable, warm color? We all really


Bathroom Light Fixtures Installed

Last night my wife picked up a light fixture to go over the new mirrors that were installed in the house. By the time I got home it was dark. But I don’t like to wait on things, as you can tell by my blogging habits. So I convinced my wife to stand with a

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 24, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: The 39th Pulse podcast is live. Are SEOs better at searching than normal people? Google updates PageRank and many blogs get downgraded. AdSense is to ad code free changes. Google News stops refreshing. AdSense reports are having issues again. Gmail supports IMAP now. Google’s directory of corporate development quits. Yahoo is to


Mail To Dos: Most Useful Feature of Apple’s Leopard

As you know, I preordered Leopard and as the days come closer (Friday), I am more and more excited to install the new OS. The main thing I am excited for is the new feature in Mail that lets you assign To Do’s via a mail message. Simply highlight text in an email, then click


Got to Cut my Grass

I was kind of hoping that I wouldn’t have to cut my grass until next season. But it looks like the prolonged summer is making the grass grow even at the end of October. Thing is, the length of my grass doesn’t only impact me, it also impacts my neighbors. Being new to the neighborhood,

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 23, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Can you sabotage your AdSense competitors? How old are those AdSense publishers? Are all link exchanges bad? Gmail gets 4GB. Libraries shut out Google and Microsoft. Google and privacy sparks up again. Google Webmaster Link Tool is dead again. Google translates drops Systran. StumbleUpon adds search engines. Google’s Chef is incredibly rich.