Just Weird

Is GoodBarry Trying to Steal my Brand?

There is this company that is receiving some buzz named GoodBarry. They basically offers a hosted solution for website creation, lead management, email marketing, online shopping, blogging, and business analytics. What is with the colors and naming it Barry? Those are my colors, that is my name! The about page says: Who is this Barry


Customer Service? My Shower Door & Mirror Install Experience

Yesterday afternoon, the shower door and mirror guys came to install shower doors and mirrors in the bathrooms. I have to say, I was disappointed with the service. Besides for them not listening to my wife’s requests and chipping a mirror, see the picture below — it gets worse. One of the installers come down

Just Interesting

Dancing With The Stars Osmond Faints

My sister calls my house last night and immediately asks for my wife. She says its extremely important, blah blah blah. I find out that on Dancing with the Stars, Marie Osmond fainted on live TV. Check it out, the video is on YouTube: I don’t know if you have ever seen anyone faint in

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 22, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Is Google Analytics updating more often? Are Ask’s ads mocking Google? I posted some Google AdSense channel ideas. Is there an Ask update taking place? Google’s blog search is spammy. Google News gets Facebooked. Google cheating organic results for paid results? Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer says goodbye. Flickr is to add Picnik.


Redi Paper Shades & Blinds: What To Do With Scraps

So yesterday, I spent some time putting up shades in the house. Since I spent a heck of a lot of money on the house, I thought we go cheap in certain areas, such as drapery and shades. I actually have a client with the domain Drape.com, not bad… Anyway… I went with Redi Shades.

Motor Vehicle

Driving With Top Down in Late October

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving two of my nephews to my house and they begged me to put the top down. So I said OK. It was 70+ degrees yesterday. It is the end of October. I am driving with my top down in October in New York. Global warming? Today it is suppose to


Super Internet Speed in Upstairs Level: Cat 5 Cut Short

I completed a few items in my Things Remaining To Be Done in House list. By far, the most important item, is now complete. The networking guy came to the house Sunday to fix the networking wiring that goes up to the master bedroom. The cat 5 cable was simply not working from the basement


Testing ShoppingAds

Just got an invite to ShoppingAds, so I thought I give it a try. If you click on the ads, I get paid. So I thought I test it out. I may use them with Google AdSense on this blog and see how it goes. Above is an example of a type of ad, it


Pre-Ordered Apple Leopard OS 10.5

I pre-ordered the new Apple operating system, code named Leopard. It is version 10.5 of the OS X family. The features are incredible, with over 300 features including: A whole new desktop A new Finder Time Machine: A new way to back up your computer Improved Mail, iChat, & Safari Spaces, multiple desktop environments and