Some of the People Behind Search Marketing Expo

So I am at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference now in NY. I am sitting in the “Speaker / Press” room, and I spotted two of the people who make SMX work. Karen DeWeese, sitting on the left-front, basically runs the shows from behind the scenes. Without Karen, I would say Danny is a

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 16, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Will SEOs stop buying link? Yahoo enabled the blocked domains feature. Will Google’s new piracy feature work? blocks Google. Global search usage stats were posted. Google fixes URL typos. Google Reader stats are false? Google Analytics upgrades. Plus many conference posts, which I will recap tomorrow. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Will


Abigails Meals Offered to Kosher SMX Attendees

What an awesome surprise. Typically, the kosher food at these conferences are non-existant. But not at today’s SMX conference. Today, they provided lunch meals from Abigails. The assortment included chicken salad, pastrami, smoked turkey and maybe some other options. Abigails is a nice New York kosher restaurant, so I suspect those meals were not cheap.


My Tree is Gone! My Tree is Gone!

Yesterday I come home after work and notice a big tree in my front yard. Then I walk into my backyard and that the big tree that was hovering over my house and deck was cut down! I hired a company to remove the tree. It was too close to my new house for comfort.


Blogging While Driving to SMX in NYC

My brother-in-law and wife work in NYC. So I convinced them to drive in, instead of taking the bus. Why? So I can then get my brother-in-law to drive, while I sit in the back seat and blog. Here is a picture of me blogging while in the back seat. We were on the Palisades


So Many Manuals To Read

I moved into this nice, new house and part of that is new stuff and learning how it works. I already read the garage door manuals and this weekend I read the security alarm system manuals, but I still have a huge list of manuals to read to master my house. The manuals include: Fridge


Server Upgrades & Not Sleeping

Some of you remember that we have upgraded some of our servers to Fedora last week. Since then, I have not been sleeping much. The server we upgraded is having these weird kernel panics, even though we tested it. The server reboots fine, and comes back up after five minutes, but it continues to happen

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 12, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Do you think SEOs can hurt Google’s market share? I spotted this cute searching game at Google. Yahoo Site Explorer shows limited data to non-registered users. How should you prepare for your site redesign. Should Google use Google Suggest by default? Google’s founders land a 757. Also, publishers are sharing their best