Blackberry Sporting the iPhone Theme

My brother-in-law is a Blackberry guy, yea – I know, one of those… He downloaded an “iPhone theme” to his phone and I snagged a picture. Here is my iPhone side by side to his Blackberry with the iPhone theme. But Blackberry users, there are tons of iPhone themes out there for you guys. Just

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GPS Users: How Do You Label Your Home?

I am a huge GPS fan, I live and die by it. I was curious how you label your home in your GPS? People say never to put your home as home in the GPS, because then whomever steals your car can easily pay you a visit. I then took two seconds to think about


Santi Express New York Movers – Wow!

Yesterday, I moved. Moving typically requires a moving company. I was terrified of moving companies. I know so many people who got ripped off by these companies. They load up the trucks, and then seize your property until you are willing to pay up money well above the estimated price. Then they damage your stuff


All Moved In to New House

Wow, it was so weird sleeping in a new house yesterday. We moved from a small place to a fairly large home, so it was just weird. After a long day of moving (which I will blog about later), you finally put everything away and then get ready for bed. Then it hits you. Wow,


Closed Twice Today

Pulled off a ‘double closing’ today. Sold my condo and bought a house, all within two hours (not including commute). Time to move.


Fedora Alive at RustyBrick: Test Post

Just a quick test post to make sure this blog software works on our new server OS. Remember, Picking a new server OS from months ago? Well, last night starting at midnight, was that night. More on that at a normal time in the day….

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Got My Five Star Parking Refund

Remember my ordeal with Five Star Parking? Well, today I finally got my refund. I think I had to remind them to send it to me. Because it wasn’t mailed our until I sent a follow up email saying I never received it. Well, now I got it. So this mess now costs me a