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I’m Sick – Errr

That is my garbage can in my office. I feel so sick. I guess it started last night some time. But now I feel bad. Can’t stop sneezing, I feel tired, I feel hot, a bit nauseous, errr. I got in late this morning because of long services, it put me an hour behind. Then

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 2, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Yahoo Search launched search assist and a form of blended search. Google Referral ads had some display issues recently. Yahoo launched a site blocking feature. Google’s index count keeps going up and down. Webmaster’s discuss the Google October changes. Microsoft does Google Docs, kind of. All this chatter about “the user,” come


Kosher Vending Machines Bring Kosher Food Everywhere

Two basketball buddies of mine chatted with me a while back about a new venture they have been working on. One is in the food business another was an investor of sorts. The concept was a vending machine that would produce quality hot foods that were kosher. Personally, I love the idea. If the food


Gold Plated Apple MacBook Pro

How about one of these fancy Macs? Spotted via Tuaw.com, Computer Choppers has gold plated a MacBook Pro with 24kt gold. Soon you can buy one yourself from them. The service will run about $1200-$1500 and not only includes gold plating the cover, but also will gold plate the keyboard and trackpad. It takes about


The Shirt Pocket & Cell Phone: Geekopedia

Originally uploaded by CinDLin. Last week, I read Geekopedia, a supplemental to Wired, I received. It basically had an A-Z listing of companies, products, and words that are geek related. However, it had some things that geeks tend to do. There was a page that showed how geeks do certain things unlike other types of

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: October 1, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Currency fluctuations is messing with AdSense publishers bottom line. Even some banned publishers get paid. Google is expanding their YouTube and AdSense beta. Microsoft launched a new index and algorithm. AdSense expanded their Western Union payment options. Google turned nine last week. Google is expanding in Europe. Google gave tips on meta

My iPhone Got a New Button: WiFi Music Store

Over the holiday, Apple released the iPhone 1.1.1 update. So I was able to read a lot of the reviews telling me not to upgrade, if I hacked the phone. I did not hack the phone, so I upgraded. The upgrade failed and I had to restore my iPhone to its factory settings. I did

Daily Grind

Digging Out & Digging Out: How I Catch Up After 3 Day Holiday

So last week, I went offline Wednesday night until Saturday night for the holiday of Sukkots. It was three full days of being offline. I did the same thing for Rosh Hashanah a couple weeks before, and I do it one more time this week (starting Wednesday night). Going offline for three days in a