safariWhen I upgraded to Leopard on Friday, Safari would not open for me. It would not open at all.

I tried calling Apple Support, but they were unable to help me.

This weekend I found out how to reinstall Safari at an Apple Discussions thread:

  1. Open the Applications folder and drag Safari to the trash. Don’t empty the trash yet.
  2. Insert the Leopard install DVD
  3. Open the Optional Installs folder
  4. Start the Optional Install mpkg
  5. Continue through the Install steps until you reach the point where you can select Applications. Expand the Applications tree and select Safari. Action will change from Skip to Upgrade. Continue with the install until it is complete.
  6. Start Safari

Yes, now I am typing and using Safari.

My main problem now is that my awesome inquistor plugin won’t work anymore, due to security issues with input manager. How annoying… Time to switch to Firefox?

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  1. Carl

    I’m sure you’ve seen by now but Inquisitor is back working again. It just needs a reinstall. It’s good to have it back.

    Safari seems quite a bit quicker to me under Leopard too.

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