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Last week, I read Geekopedia, a supplemental to Wired, I received. It basically had an A-Z listing of companies, products, and words that are geek related.

However, it had some things that geeks tend to do. There was a page that showed how geeks do certain things unlike other types of people. I pretty much matched on all three. But I forgot two of the three. The one I remember, I am obsessed about.

Whenever I wear or buy a shirt, it must have a shirt pocket. It must have a pocket on the shirt. Why? Because that is the preferred location for my cell phone. It makes my wife nuts. She wants me to wear some shirts, but I refuse, because there is no shirt pocket. I need that pocket. I refuse to place my phone on my belt.

In Geekopedia, it showed how geeks prefer to wear their cell phone (or smart phone) in their shirt pocket over clipping it to their belt clip. I laughed when I read that. I had no idea it was a geek thing, to me its more a matter of convenience and easy access.

The phone being easily accessible and closer to my face, saves me a few seconds when accessing it. In addition, I hate having things clipped to my belt. Always hated it, since my first cell phone. When did I begin wearing my cell phone in my shirt pocket? I don’t remember, must have been two or more years ago.

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  1. Bill Hartzer`

    I, too, need shirt pockets…but not for my cell phone–for my bluetooth earpiece for my cell phone. I hate wearing it all the time on the ear.

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