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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: November 30, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Google experimental is messing with SEO’s minds. Welcome ACAP! Download your AdSense reports soon. Is Google Media Bot messing breaking your URLs? Tune up your Yahoo campaigns. Dell’s lawsuit may impact Google. Google released a mobile phone locator. Smart priced and wondering why? December conference coverage schedules are live. Google added a


How To Make Your Phone Bill Cheaper Without Switching To VOIP

Question: How can one make their phone bill cheaper without actually switching to a VOIP solution? Answer: Threaten to switch to a VOIP solution! We use a PBX box from Fonality at RustyBrick. It allows us to use a hybrid of VOIP and analog lines for our phone calls. By default, almost all calls go

SEO Tips

Quick SMX Israel Update

Just a quick update on SMX Israel. The planning is going well. I hope to have a page up somewhere at SMX with a registration form, agenda, location and times shortly. Give me a couple more business days and we should be set!


Configured Ads To Rotate Positions

I basically have two ad positions on the Search Engine Roundtable site. The ad units look like what you see in the top right picture here. Ever since day one, I set up each ad to run in the same position. So on every page refresh, ad box 1 would have the same banner in

Web Development

Trouble With Hardware

Shawn Hogan at DigitalPoint Forums explained some of the trouble server people have to go through with servers and hardware breaking. Oh, how I can relate. I am exhausted… Sequence of events… The cluster lost one of the blades today for the first time ever (this blade is the 2nd master DB server). The primary

SEO Tips

F The Big Three?

At first I thought this video was created by Ask.com, but then I looked deeper. The video is to promote the launch of FTheBigTheThree.com, which takes place December 1st. But if you look at the title tag, it says, “Social Media Marketing, Social Network Optimization.” So now it appears that a Social Media Marketing and

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: November 29, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Google received rights to a spam patent application. Is Google selling PageRank? Google malware problem is solved, for now but search spam is a serious issue. Google fixed AdWords diagnostic tool bug. Should you place ampersands in the title tag? PDFs get contextual ads. Gore’s site gets spammed. PubCon and SES coverage


$48 For Selling My Old Treo to CellForCash.com

Remember I wanted to cell my Treo 700p? I blogged about CellForCash a place to sell your cell phone with ease? Well, I finally got my check for $48 from them. Here is the timeline: October 11th – Submitted Request October 12th – Box Mailed to Me October 22nd – They Received My Phone November

Just Funny

I Am In A Card Game: The “Search Spam Card Game”

SEOmoz announced a new game they are releasing at PubCon Vegas next week named “Search Spam.” Basically, they have adapted the card game Werewolf for the Search Marketing industry. I am privileged to be one of the characters, see the left card, that is me. There are 24 cards and you have to register for