AT&T Upgrade my iPhone PlanLast week, I noticed my text messages were going to go over the alloted minutes I signed up for. So I called AT&T, and asked for more text messages.

I described to the customer service agent that I am about to go over on my minutes. He asked if I had an iPhone, I said yes. I said, I need a plan that gives me more text messages, the next tier up. He said no problem and updated my plan.

I look at my wireless usage over the weekend and notice my “Internet” usage was in the red. I thought to myself, I better call AT&T and find out why. So just about an hour ago, I called, while prepping the SearchCap.

Here is part of that convo:

Barry: It appears that I am over my Internet usage, but I should have unlimited. I think it might be due to me having you guys upgrade my text messages last week. Can you look at my account and tell me what is wrong?
AT&T: Let me have a look.
AT&T: You are on an non-iPhone plan. Why?
Barry: I don’t know why. I called last week and said I need more text messages and he upgraded me.
AT&T: You should of added more text messages when you activated your phone.
Barry: But I didn’t know I would need more text messages then. So now, I know I want more text messages and I asked to upgrade my plan.
AT&T: Why didn’t you do it on iTunes when you activated?
Barry: I activated months ago, I can upgrade my plan on iTunes also? Cool!
AT&T: No, you can’t upgrade your plan on iTunes. I understand now, let me look.
Barry: Thanks!
AT&T: Wow, you eat up a ton of data. iPhones do that. I better back date your plan and fix this.
Barry: Thanks!
AT&T: Um, it seems like you went over last month due to this issue. In the 6 hours between the time you changed the plan and the time your cycle ended, you accrued over $60 in data fees! In just 6 hours.
Barry: Cool!
AT&T: I’ll credit you for that and back date the other plan.
Barry: Thank you.
AT&T You are all set now, sorry for any confusion.
Barry: Not a problem, thank you so much for your help!

I enjoyed that call. I was able to do blogging stuff while having the customer rep deal with the issue the right way.

I am still amazed I used $60 of data in about 6 hours. I wonder what would of happened if I did not call AT&T and waited until I got my bill at the end of this billing cycle. 6 hours = $60. I use my phone 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

$60 * 2 (for 12 hours per day) = $120 per day
$120 * 6 days per week = $720 per week
$720 * 4 weeks per month = $2,880 per bill.

Not bad.

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  1. Mike Maddaloni

    I’m glad to see you were able to get this issue resolved, however I would be concerned that this is not the last time it will happen. But it sounds like you are on top of your bills so it should not be a problem.


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