Black FridayToday is the day called “Black Friday.”

It is the day after Thanksgiving. It is typically the busiest shopping day of the year. Where stores have great deals and people buy presents for the upcoming holidays.

I never went shopping on Black Friday. I don’t think I ever will?


(1) I hate shopping, hate it!
(2) I work on Black Friday.
(3) Wake up at 3am to get to stores by 4am? Kidding me?
(4) Crazy lines, crazy customers, crazy traffic.
(5) Do they really have great deals? Deals you can’t find at deal sites throughout the year? No tax? No shipping? Crazy coupons? Buy as an affiliate? etc.

So I don’t shop on Black Friday. Do you? Am I wrong on the deals?

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  1. Michael Dorausch

    I’m with you, don’t see any reason to get up super early on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving and experience all that craziness.

    Especially when it comes to computer equipment, I’d even pay extra for the convenience of not having to go to the store.

  2. Jonathan Dingman


    There actually are quite a few deals. slashed a lot of high priced items by nearly 60%, offered no-interest for 12 months (normally only 3 months), CircuitCity is offering some other killer deals, and American Express is offering their MyWishlist goodies throughout the end of the month.

    while I agree with you that there are crazy customers and lots of crazyness going on, I do my shopping online.

  3. Scott Clark

    I think the people in these lines represent the group who can’t use shopping agents or search engines. When I want to buy something, I set the Internet to work for a day or two. When found, my Blackberry makes noise and I buy it.

    I guess some are there for the “festive” feeling. But when I see photos of these people, in 28F Weather, I don’t see festive faces.

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