seomoz werewolf cardsSEOmoz announced a new game they are releasing at PubCon Vegas next week named “Search Spam.”

Basically, they have adapted the card game Werewolf for the Search Marketing industry. I am privileged to be one of the characters, see the left card, that is me.

There are 24 cards and you have to register for the event to be invited in. I won’t be there, but SEOmoz promised to send me a deck this Monday – so I am looking forward to getting it.

If you will be there, the event is at Wednesday, December 5 from 8-10pm in the South Hall. Don’t forget to register. It sounds like a blast!

In short, this game is a way for Googlers, SEOs, Black Hats & industry mavens to kill each other without actually hurting anyone. Nice concept. 🙂

ALSO: PubCon goers… If you want free tickets to shows in Vegas, check out Joe’s blog now!

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  1. Adam Snider

    Clearly, I’m too interested in SEO, because this card game sounds really cool to me. Too bad there is no way to get a deck without being at the conference. 🙁

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