Frank Watson (AussieWebmaster) at IMNYIt has been a while since I attended the IM NY events, but last night I was able to make it.

It was held at Le Marais Steakhouse in Little Italy. A bunch of SEOs were there, including Tamar, Greg, Frank, Todd, Tedster, Kevin Heisler, Chris and two girls. One girl was, I think, Frank’s friend and the other I just don’t know her name.

Anyway, I ordered some chicken dish, it was excellent. Tamar got this duck Moroccan thing, looked weird to me. Frank’s girl was a veggin – yea, seriously. It was the first time I met Kevin – nice to meet you, too bad you sat on the other side of the table… An SEW vs. SEL thing?;-) Anyway…

I am pretty sure Frank is to thank for the bill. Thank you Frank – see image above. It rocked and I sure want to come again!

That was the start of the night. I left first, b/c I wake up way too early…

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  1. Kevin Heisler

    very funny 😉 great to meet you, too.

    since SEL means “salt” (French) @ Le Marais, you mean restrictions on granular salt intake? … salt (SEL) links? … if SEL and the roundtable want to pass more “link love”, always glad to accept. just good manners. 😉

    dito: sphinn posts submitted by Frank, SEW Expert Eric Enge, and SEW news editor Kevin N.
    (ck the SEL link to frank btw)…we’re sphinnin’

    SEW vs SEL? no way. SEW’s been running a huge “link surplus” to SEL (outbound links) 🙂

    We link to every site in the industry. No favorites.

    hey, John Battelle, Jason Calcanis and i even blogged about Danny dropping the F-bomb — Jason promised to weigh in with a final post, but never did … so I couldn’t keep the blog posts going …

    I’ll have to corner Jason when we’re at Kelsey Group ILM ’07 in LA (post-thanksgiving) and get an “interview” … which means he’ll have to post about it on his blog, in inimitable Jason-style.

    seat selection? more like: editing deadline, arrived late, grabbed last seat at roundtable nxt to Chris & Frank

    nxt time: same side of the table.

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