Trick or TreatI grew up in a very Jewish area, I have lived here my whole life.

On Christmas, we don’t see many lights or ornaments on the homes. During Halloween, we don’t see many pumpkins, and such. My whole life, I cannot recall ever having someone walk up to my parents house or my previous house, ring the door bell and say, “Trick or Treat” while being dressed up in a costume. Sounds crazy, but it is true. The area I live in, at least the immediate area, is 99% Jewish. And Halloween is just one of those holidays, we typically do not celebrate.

In any event. As you know, I moved to a new house a few weeks ago, it is basically on the outskirts of the original community I lived in. Last night, I heard the door bell ring and it was two girls that said, “Trick or Treat.”

I was like, um, what do I do. I then think back to TV, my main source of education, and say, “hold on.” I yell up to my wife and ask if we have any candy. She says, “um, no…” I look at them, and they say, “Don’t worry about it,” and then giggle and walk away. I say, “I am sorry.”

So my first “Trick or Treat” experience was pretty poor. I feel really bad not having anything for those kids. Maybe, just maybe, we should stock up now on candy… You never know when you will need it.

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    How many trick or treaters did u get??

    U need to have candy next time
    and knowing u i know there wont be any leftovers

    Expect more from u guys next year

  2. Adam Snider

    Buy a big bag of Halloween candy today. It’ll be dirt cheap, as the stores will be trying to clear out any leftovers. Then, you keep it in the closet until next Halloween.

  3. Tony

    You got off easy, they should have played a trick on you!

    Just leave the house on Halloween so children don’t bother you.

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