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This morning I said Farewell to my Lexus SC 430 2005. The car will be missed, that is for sure. But it is time I move on and think about things that are more important.

Why did I go for the Lexus IS 250 AWD?

  • There is an awesome deal on this car this month through a a national program.
  • It is all-wheel drive and can actually work in the snow.
  • Much better fuel efficiency than my old car.
  • Much less expensive than my old car.
  • Fits three more people (5 people in total) when compared to my old car.
  • Much smoother car, it is made for normal roads.

Trust me, I will miss the speed of my old car. I will miss the power of the engine. I will miss the hard top. I will miss the memories. But I think this new car will be great.

Looking forward to driving it in health every day, except Saturdays. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Judah Gutwein


    Congrats on thw wheels and drive in health!

    I am happy to see you keeping up with our expectations of a man befitting your stature, position, etc.

    We would have expected no less. šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

    G-d knows you certainly deserve it!


  2. Barry Schwartz

    Thanks guys. So far so good. Bluetooth up and running. Coded in some waypoints… Still need to get homelink working.

    The ride is smooth and the drive is nice.

  3. Glenn

    Hi Barry. After reading about your new car I just had to share what I’m feeling with someone. I just sold a car I owned for 17 years and I’m heartbroken. It had been going fine up till the end of september. Then a plastic pipe at the back of the radiator split while driving and obviously water poured out which overheated and blew the headgasket. It was being sealed with ironfix solution and was running O.K. but it had to be replaced as I do a fair bit of long distance travelling in it. Also a coil plug shorted out. The coil plug cost $155 to fix. The replacement pipe and ironfix cost $130. To fix the gasket would have been around $600. All up around $1000 – so I agonised over it and bought a new Ford Fiesta. Normally when you buy a new car youre excited and dont want to stop driving it. But its the opposite with me. I still love my old car and I’m grieving over it. The new car is a great little car and perfect for me but it just isnt the same. I dont know whether I made the right decision to trade it in. Logically my mind says yes – it had to go soner or later as it was 20 years old and some parts (like the split pipe) have to be bought from a wrecker as they dont make them anymore. But my heart says no – you could have got it fixed and got more good years out of it. I’ve lost weight and am not eating. Am I crazy to think and feel like this over a piece of metal? Anyway thats my ramble. Sorry to be a downer.

  4. Izzy

    Barry, Congrats to you, too! I picked up my new IS250 AWD on 12/29/07. My wife and I are loving it, in red. Cheers!

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