As you can see from the icon at the top right (removed icon) of this post, the “Israel” was snuck into an SMX logo by myself. Yes, it is not official just yet. But I would love to make it official. To do that, I need to see real interest from the SEM industry in Israel. Do you guys really want an SMX event?

If so, please vote to have our first SMX Israel this February. If this SMX Israel “Mini” event works out, then we may be able to have larger, full day (or two) conferences in Israel. And who knows, maybe we can convince Danny and Chris to come out.

25 people voted yes for such an event, so what I need now is for you to go to Sphinn and confirm that you have strong interest in attending the event.

Go over here and confirm your interest. If you are not registered with Sphinn yet, then this is a great opportunity to join the Sphinn community. It takes a few minutes, register and then go over here and click “attend.”

Don’t live in Israel? Love SEO? This is a great opportunity to see some of the most historic and holy sites in the world. Plus, you can write it off! 🙂

OK, OK, so go ahead and attend.

I am told you cannot submit a preference for day or location. So do so in the comments here. If your comment do not get published, let me know.

We are live: Register for SphinnCon Israel today!

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