Happy New Year! 2008

Wanted to wish all of you a happy, healthy and successful new year! I went out to buy a few dozen donuts for a little thing I am having at my house for a few friends. My wife is cooking up some foods. Something small – since you all know how much I hate to

Just Interesting

They Are Watching Me & You

Starting last week, the management of my building began installing dozens of these security cameras throughout the building. They can be found at the building entrances, the elevators, I believe on several floors. I believe the reason they are installing them is because of some vandalism issues. It is nice to know that they are


Heat Bills! Installed Ritetemp Programmable Thermostats

It has been almost three months since we moved into our new house and the winter months are now upon us. That means, huge gas bills for heating the house. I have been worried about keeping my heating costs down since moving into the house. Looking at the results, the numbers are all over the


Oldest Nephew Put On Tefillin תפילין

This morning, my oldest nephew put on Tefillin (תפילין) for the first time. It took place at his elementary day school, the same place I put on Tefillin for the first time. But yes, times have changed a bit since then at that school. What is Tefillin? The picture above shows what they look like.


Me Begging: Please Vote for Me, Please!!!

If you want to see me beg, you have to read my Vote Search Engine Roundtable on 2007 Search Blog Awards. In short… I would really love for you guys to vote for the Search Engine Roundtable. To vote, click here. A 5 vote is the best you can give, a 1 is actually less

SEO Tips

Register for SphinnCon Israel: SEM Israel Conference Today

The first SphinnCon event is coming up in about a month. I will be hosting the first ever SphinnCon, a small SMX event, in Israel, during my Israel vacation. We have 150 seats available in all. Thing is, if you don’t register soon, you may be locked out. Again, it takes place February 5, 2008

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: December 27, 2007

Daily Search Coverage: Google AdSense tests unit data reports. Is there a Google penalty that throws you in the sixth position? Got to interview an SEO? How do you track your keyword rankings? Walmart is reselling PPC services. Google signs a deal with Japan’s biggest mobile operator. Patrick creates a Sphinn Google Gadget. Search Engine


December: The Month To Spend All Your Money

Not sure about you, but December, every year, is when I spend the most amount of money at my company. Why? Well, RustyBrick’s books close on 12/31 and we like to get all our expenses paid so that we max out our possible deductions. This turns out to be pretty big sums of money. They