I was driving to work yesterday, yes I work Sunday mornings, and I saw this car.

Duct Tape License Plate

(1) What first caught my attention was that the car had its top down in 30 degree weather. Brrrrrr.

(2) Then I saw the interesting license plate, as you can see in the image above.

(3) Then when I passed the car, I notice a dog was buckled into the passenger seat. The dog was sitting up like a person, wearing a snow hat. Way too funny.

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  1. WEIRD

    THat is so funny
    wish u got a pic of the dog that would be awesome

    must be a weird person
    did he look weird

  2. Weird

    i forgot to ask
    are u sure it was a dog and not his wife or something who just didnt wax for a long time

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