beggingIf you want to see me beg, you have to read my Vote Search Engine Roundtable on 2007 Search Blog Awards.

In short…

I would really love for you guys to vote for the Search Engine Roundtable. To vote, click here.

A 5 vote is the best you can give, a 1 is actually less than a 5. So vote 5, if possible.

The Search Engine Roundtable is up for five different nominations. I am personally nominated at the bottom of the survey, so please vote for Barry Schwartz over there.

Also, vote for Search Engine Land, ResourceShelf, Techipiedia and Tamar Weinberg and everyone else you feel deserves it. Trust me, it is not an easy vote.

Hope my efforts pay off, I really do.

If you want to know why you should vote for us, please read this explanation. Otherwise, you can vote here.

Thank you!

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