Yesterday, I posted a detailed review of Flickr Stats, a new way to see incredibly detailed statistics on your Flickr images. To see them, if you have a Flickr Pro account, go to Here are my most popular images (note, flickr only can track traffic on Flickr, so viewing the images here, won’t count as a view or metric on Flickr’s side).

Most Popular by Impressions:

With 24,355 views

Map of Google Products
With 8,316 views

Yahoo Holiday Gifts 2006
With 6,257 views

Aircraft crashes into NYC building
With 3,265 views

Google Cooler / Fridge
With 3,133 views

Most Popular by Favorites (People Who Favorite them on Flickr):

With 73 people favoring the image

Map of Google Products
With 8 people favoring the image

Google Plane
With 3 people favoring the image

President Jimmy Carter Speaks at Google’s Atlanta Office
With 2 people favoring the image

MacBook Pro Shot
With 2 people favoring the image

Most Popular by Number of Comments at Flickr:

With 20 comments

Barry at AICF Tel Aviv Office
With 5 comments

MacBook Pro Shot
With 4 comments T Shirt
With 4 comments

And we had three images tied with three comments, here they are:

RustyBrick PHP Jobs Barry Blogging PubCon Vegas 2007 IMG_0095.JPG

Would love for other Flickr Pro users to share their most popular images. I would tag people, but I am not sure which users are Pro users and I don’t have time this second to find out… So please follow suit if you are!

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