This year at RustyBrick, we will be giving some of our clients mini fridges. They hold about 6 cans of soda and can be plugged into a wall outlet or your car power adapter. Here are pictures:

RustyBrick Fridge RustyBrick Fridge RustyBrick Fridge

I guess this may be the first time I can say our gifts totally rock Google’s holiday gift.

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  1. Brian Mark

    Oh, to be one of your clients. I usually just get cookies or a really bad bottle of wine. If we need something done in the future, I know who to contact. 😉

  2. Kim Krause Berg

    Very creative idea! All I could think of was how many chocolate bars and Red Bull drinks one of those babies could hold 🙂

  3. AussieWebmaster

    Heard about these in Vegas…. I would be happy with a computer bag… a T-Shirt even would be nice

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