Debra asked me if I had any predictions for this coming year. I said, I don’t do predictions.

Instead… How about you guys give me your predictions?

Comment below and let me know what you think will happen in the search world in 2008.


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  1. debra mastaler

    Google will work with the Boy Scouts in developing a new spam reporting merit badge. The concept will be sold as a way to do your civic duty and clean up the Internet.

    And I think AOL will be sold off, maybe to Google? Turn everyone (email wise) into gmail. Share the love and your info. 🙂

  2. Li Evans

    Ron Paul will unite the nation through the use of Social Media and win the Presidency in 2008. 😉

    (ok, yes, a slight bit of fun there) However, Ron Paul’s use of Social Media will have all politicians looking to utilize it more effectively in the 2008 elections.

  3. shashi bellamkonda

    1)Search will change from typing a search term into Google to looking for keywords on RSS aggregators.
    2) People will be getting more results through alerts. ( Google alerts)
    3) people will make decisions based on feedback from microblogs like Twitter.

  4. Stoney deGeyter

    Google will expand politics. They’ll streamline political donations to circumvent the PACs and other special interest groups giving every American a direct line to “buy” a politician. In the coming years they’ll streamline that even further to allow individuals to “buy” a particular issue through many political “channels”.

  5. Simon Heseltine

    Someone at ComScore will discover that the ASK market share is hard coded into their system.

    NewsCorp will offload MySpace after Murdoch gets angry after discovering that all those young women that want to be his friend aren’t real…

    There will be some controversy in the Search space that will have Danny saying “we went through this exact same thing 2 years ago people, nothing’s changed!”.

    …and some serious ones:
    AOL will be sold off, with Netscape being spun off as a separate entity.

    Social Networks will be the foundations of the 2008 version of the Swift Boat attacks, whatever can be found to stick there will go mainstream.

    Mobile will get a big boost in October with the next generation of the iPhone.

  6. Jane Quigley

    Video will be a huge focus for 2008 (see all of the video companies – Seesmic and Magnify.Net among others,getting VC funding) with most mobile devices finally able to support it (including next iPhone 2.0).

  7. Judah Gutwein

    Barry Schwartz will become the undisputed leader of SEM world.

    Tamar Weinberg is recognized as THE authority on social and viral marketing.

    Kevin Rose offers Tamar a senior position at Digg just to get her off Reddit.

    Mrs. Barry Schwartz forbids her husband from having contact with any ladies in the SEM community 😉

    Gary & Mrs. Price become Shomer Shabbat.

    Google analytics retires and replaces ClickTrax, Urchin, etc.

    Affiliate marketing (LinkShare etc.) loses steam as viral marketing heats up.

    Danny Sullivan spends less and less time at SEL.

    ExcelD. replaces TLA as RB’s largest client.

    ShoeMonkey grows a beard

    RustyBrick doubles its business after finally re-launching its long awaited website upgrade.

    Barry S. hires a marketing dir. in charge of branding, customer service and sales promotion.

    Andy Beal opens a business in the U.K.

    Barry S. writes a book.

    Barry G. gives me space!

  8. Scott Hendison

    Contrary to rumors, 2008 will NOT be the year for mobile to take off, because speed and usability still suck so bad, with no hope in sight.

    (love the spam merit badge idea 😉

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