What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – or maybe not. Tamar hooked up with David Caruso from CSI Miami in Vegas.

CSI Miami's David Caruso

Well, not “hooked up” but took a picture with David Caruso.

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  1. Ross Dunn

    Hmm, now what the heck was he doing there? I wonder if he is as full of himself in real life as he is on that show. Can’t handle that guy…. but a celebrity sighting is still pretty cool! 🙂 Congrats Tamar!!

  2. sarakanne

    The person posting here as “Vixen” is David Caruso’s real life stalker. She is an Austrian national who was indicted last summer for threatening Caruso and his family and for criminal stalking. She fled Austria for Mexico where our own FBI helped track her down. Her credit cards were frozen and she was eventually returned to Austria. While she awaits trial, she stalks Caruso on the Internet logging on to various Boards and Forums posting slander, libel and defamatory remarks about him. She is easily recognized (she posts under literally 100’s of names) as she always denigrates Caruso and the CSI Miami show. For additional information on this very dangerous stalker, see:


  3. Simon

    Never leave home without cleaning your shoes first, Dude! I didn’t see any security when he wandered past our booth. However, he looked exhausted to me.

  4. sarakanne

    David Caruso is always happy to meet with genuine fans. He looks great in this photo by the way. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. sarakanne

    Well, I zoomed in and took a closer look. Nope, no gun is being held to his head. He didn’t have to agree to this. He did so because he is known for kindly accommodating his fans.

  6. LindyCindy

    Ohhhhh, David Caruso is so cute and such a wonderful guy. These ladies were soooooo lucky.

  7. samantha

    David may become a webmaster guru yet. He seems to be using the enforced hiatus learning about the wonders of the internet. I hope he’s a quick study. He’ll be back on set once the strike ends (soon, we all hope).

  8. Jenna

    Where does he find the time – between all of his dates and other responsibilities? Besides I think Caruso just loves the attention he gets.

  9. Angel Wings 5

    I have always read such nice things about David Caruso. He is such a fine actor. Congrats to Tamar–did you get his autograph?

  10. Thomas

    He looks so old and wrinkly. But then HE IS old and wrinkly. But HE likes to be the ce´nter of attention. And, sorrym but he is so full of himself it is disgusting.

  11. AnnaHanna

    David Caruso is just the best. Nice guy both on and off the set. I hope Tamara got an autograph. Knowing David, he definitely gave her one. He’s nice to his fans in that way.

  12. Nancy

    Daivd Caruso is the best! He’s always so nice to people. Last summer he stopped and helped total strangers who had been involved in a car accident. Shows what a compassionate person he is.

  13. Lindy

    There are many, many people who would not stop for a photo with fans so lovely of David to do so. How can we be so hypercritical of how someone looks in a photo??!! For Gods sake, does anyone really think DC never gets tired, bored, happy, passionate? Of course he experiences all of those things. And do we really believe that every photo is snapped exactly at the time of full smile. Look at your own past photos. Give the guy a break. Let go of your perceptions of the past and the media hype. He was attending to personal business and stopped to let fans take a photo. Sweet, unneccesary, thoughtful. Any time David, any time.

  14. Lauren

    Caruso didn’t stop for those people at the accident site. That was just a ceap publicity stunt.

    He looks old wrinkly and ugly with DIRTY SHOES and a bored expression on his haggard face

    Caruso, a computer wizzard? he is a wizzard in letting his pants down for evey woman that asks him too.

    He loves the media attention – thats all.

  15. sarakanne

    Unfortunately, this Board has been invaded by David Caruso’s stalker and her sockpuppets. The people posting as Lauren, Thomas, Linda, Jenna, Mike, Valerie and Raven are all one person: Caruso’s real-life stalker, Vixen. Of course Caruso has his detractors, but Vixen has taken defaming Caruso to a whole new level. If Caruso is ever photographed doing anything charitable, this woman swoops in for the kill. She posts denigrating comments about Caruso all over the Internet.


  16. Sam

    Are yOu sure you aren’t being a tad paranoid? Your rants indicate such a thing. There are people out there who think Caruso is an odd guy. Count me to it.

  17. Leah

    Sarahkanne did you INVENT Nancy and AnnaHanna to make it appear as if Caruso has more than two fans? How pathetic. But then this is you. What is so charitable about being photographed with three fans?

  18. Leanne (misspelled reanne)

    I have to apologize for the last double posts. That was not my intention. But my Apple acted up. Great picture Tamara. You are one lucky girl. Thanks for sharing.

  19. sarakanne

    Tamar, were you able to get an autograph? Caruso is really fantastic with his fans. By the way, Vixen is trying to dominate this Board: add Leanne, Reanne, Sam, and Leah to the sockpuppet list.

  20. Leanne

    Are you obsessed with this person? I am who I am and never was anyone else and never will
    be. Anyway, I think Caruso always knew when to pose with his fans and when not. Tamar is one luck person. But there are nmoments when Caruso doesn’t lile to pose at all.

  21. sarakanne

    To the blog owner: Your blog has been hijacked and now has a sockpuppet infestation. All future posts will have little if anything to do with the photo of David Caruso. It is Vixen’s MO to express outrage and claim that she’s not Caruso’s stalker. This serves to shift attention away from her ruse and try to focus on anyone who challenges her. Vixen has used at least 11 names here thus far to bash David Caruso. If it is any consolation, Vixen is simultaneously doing this on yet another blog that posted a photo yesterday of David at Disneyland.

    To Tamar: Glad you were able to meet David and judge for yourself what a nice guy he really is. Caruso is very cool when it comes to his fans. Again, thank you for sharing.

  22. Leanne

    Do you realize hos ridiculous you sound? Whoever this person is you sound pretty obsessed. Maybe you should seek help. If you would bother to resd my previous posts I congratulated Tamar to her photo-op. You are really weird. the one hijacking this board is YOU. Poor soul.

  23. sarakanne

    Another sign of a Vixen/Sockpuppet infestation: all of the misspellings and poor grammar. German is Vixen’s native tongue and her command of the English language is seriously lacking.

    And Vixen, why do you have to post negative comments about this photo? It was very gentlemanly of David to take the time to pose with his fans. And sure you are congratulating Tamar while bashing Caruso’s posing in the same sentence. Trying to stay within this blog’s TOS so you won’t get banned. BTW Leanne, if you are not Vixen, then it won’t be necessary for you to respond because this comment is directed to Vixen. And you are not her, right??

    Another sign of Vixen: she has an obsessive need to get the last post.

    See: http://www.dojodabbles.blogspot.com

  24. sarakanne

    Vixen, let me see is that 12 or 13 names that you are using here? Perhaps you need to look up the definition of spam which is as follows:

    “A message is Spam only if it is both Unsolicited and Bulk.

    – Unsolicited Email is normal email
    (examples: first contact enquiries, job enquiries, sales enquiries)

    – Bulk Email is normal email
    (examples: subscriber newsletters, customer communications, discussion lists)

    Spam is an issue about consent, not content.”

    Vixen, you don’t want anyone to go to those blogs which have nothing to do with spam because they expose YOU for what YOU REALLY ARE: a criminal stalker.

  25. Vixen

    You make me laugh. Nice cópy and paste job. However, I hope you don’t expect me to take you seriously? Poor girl-

  26. Dojomama


    As you can see, David Caruso has an internet Stalker/Troll/Sockpuppet, who has apparently hijacked this site, as she has many others on many occasions. Several closed their sites entirely.

    Your best move would be to delete ALL the comments asap, thereby removing the temptation for her to respond or fans to defend.

  27. tanya

    wow what lucky fans…..David looks awesome as always……..wow he is just so…..hot! I would have fainted being that close to him..

  28. sarakanne

    I notified the blog owner by private email yesterday to get ready for this onslaught. This was inevitable given Vixen’s history for starting wars on other people’s blogs. It’s a shame to have to get down on her level, but the truth about Caruso will never come out if we leave her to her own devices, i.e. slander, libel, defamation of character. It’s sad this has to happen, however the flip side is that more people now know what her agenda is.

  29. Maren

    Oh what a mess. Two sides with the pathological need to get their point through. Not only ´”Vixen” hiijacked (what a silly word) just like sarahkanne and the countles aliases she uses. To an outsider she ist just as troubled like the person she seems so obsessed with.

    Anyway, nice pic. However, i’m with those who say that Caruso could have cleaned his shoes. They are filthy looking

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