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Online Reputation Management in Other Languages

I do all the fun reputation management stuff for my personal name and company brands – also for a few clients. But what about in foreign languages? With SphinnCon Sold Out and a ton of Israeli press coming, might be smart to try to stay on top of my name in hebrew? So maybe a

Web Development

Browsershots – Test Your Site in Dozens of Browsers

A RustyBricker sent this to me, Browsershots. It basically asks you for a web address and then it will capture screen captures of your site in dozens and dozens of browsers with dozens of operating systems and dozens of other variables like screen resolutions. The Search Engine Roundtable doesn’t look too bad in Epiphany 2.20


Macbook Air Song By Israeli Yael Naim

Something I didn’t know until now. But now, I go… Oh, I hear the Israeli accent a bit…. This MacBook Air commercial: Has a song by an Israeli artist named Yael Naim: Now, do you hear the Israeli accent? A little?

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: January 30, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google’s 404 page is lousy. Does duplicating your ads headline work? Yahoo forgot to renew their certificate. Canadian AdSense publishers are getting two payments. Use Link Diagnosis to analysis your competitors. adCenter advertisers, be prepared for spike in content ads traffic. Google does bar codes on print ads. Yahoo’s earnings announcement was


What Work Will I Be Doing On Vacation?

Tomorrow I am off to Israel. It is a vacation, family-thing, and business trip for RustyBrick and SEO thing. What work will I be doing while on this vacation? SphinnCon Israel Meet one or two RustyBrick clients Invoicing clients this Friday Daily email Forum research and threads for the Search Engine Roundtable RSS search research

SEO Tips

Overbooked for SphinnCon Israel?

Yesterday, we sold out our attendance at 15 above our 150 cap, to 165, for SphinnCon Israel. I was comfortable going with 15 above the 150 cap we set, because about 6 or so of those 15 extra seats will be sitting on the panel and I am sure ten or more will be late


Hebrew Mobile Phones: Amigo

Part of my international geek travel guide is to rent a mobile phone that works in Israel. Last year, I went with Travel Cell and I was very happy. This year, I am going with Amigo. Why Amigo? Well, this year, unlike last year, I am going with a bunch of family. The Amigo phones


Office 2008 Changes My Safari Fonts?

I told you I ordered Office 2008, well – yesterday afternoon I installed it. After the install, Safari, my browser, starting displaying weird fonts and characters. So I rebooted and everything seemed fine. Well, not everything… The fonts for the post titles at Search Engine Land seemed to have become more of a rounded font


International Travel as a Geek

I already wrote about Geeks & Airline Security, so this is going to be my international version. Yes, there are new things I need when traveling international. Here is a list of geek items I need for the trip: plug converters monitor cables ear phones iphone earphone adapter batteries extra laptop battery airline computer plug